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Štátna vedecká knižnica v Košiciach

Hlavná 10, 042 30 Košice, tel. +421918245888

Veľkonočné sviatky

Veľkonočné sviatkyŠtátna vedecká knižnica v Košiciach oznamuje návštevníkom knižnice, že počas veľkonočného obdobia bude knižnica otvorená nasledovne:

18.4. 2019 (štvrtok) od 8,00 do 15,00 hod.
19.4. 2019 (piatok) zatvorené
22.4. 2019 (pondelok) zatvorené

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Filmový klub: SEX AND THE CITY 2

Sex_and_CityPozývame Vás na verejné premietanie filmu (v angličtine) "SEX AND THE CITY 2" v InfoUSA centre v ŠVK v Košiciach, Hlavna č. 10, 1. poschodie, dňa 8. marca 2012 (štvrtok) o 17:00 hod.

Public show of a movie (in English)

More about the movie on:

Sex and the City 2 is a 2010 American romantic comedy film directed by Michael Patrick King. It is the sequel to the 2008 film Sex and the City, which is based on the HBO TV series of the same name.

During their luxury vacation to Abu Dhabi, the four women find their style and Western attitudes contrast with Muslim customs. While on a date with a handsome Dane, Samantha is arrested for public indecency. With the Sheikh's intervention, Samantha is released, but is left with a permanent police record. Worse, the Sheikh cancels the PR meeting and ceases paying for the women's luxurious perks. They quickly pack their bags and leave, but must return to the souk to find Carrie's passport. While there, once again, Samantha's flamboyance nearly incites a riot...

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